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Ah, The Glorious Halloween!

The only time of year when you can do whatever you like make-up and costumes wise.

In fact the only look that might raise eyebrows this season would be if you go out as a "Plain Jane".

But while it's so much fun to dress up and spook people, not too many people can afford the expensive fancy costumes, which, let's be honest, they can only use once.

So the best solution is probably make-up. Not only it is cheaper, but the variety and choices are endless!

Yes, you'd probably still end up paying for little extras and maybe some props, but, hey, you can always use the leftover next year or perhaps incorporate them somehow in your nieces school play, she keeps telling you about!

As a MUA friend of mine puts it: "There's very little a good make-up can't do!"

Which one of these Halloween makeup looks is your favourite? Are you going to do a cool makeup look for Halloween?


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