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SILVER (having the elemental symbol Ag) is a lustrous metal with a melting point of 893°C (about 1639°F which is hotter than normal lava which is only at 750°C). Like all other metals, it is good at conducting electricity, ductile (able to be drawn out to a long wire), and is malleable (able to be bent). Silver is used for more than just jewellery– there are also silver currency (very valuable), flatware, decoration items, medical instruments, and much more! This amazing shiny metal is beautiful and attractive, yet very affordable. The beauty of silver is, if you purchase it and misplace it, you won’t feel as bad as if you had purchased jewellery made of more expensive metal. Plus, purchasing silver that is plated with rhodium (a.k.a. “rhodium-plated” silver) will usually mistaken your silver to look really expensive just like “white-gold” or “platinum” but at a much, much, much lower price and without the tarnishing. Wow… it’s no wonder silver has remained the popular choice for many jewellery lovers out there. But what does the 92.5 stamped on all sterling silver jewellery really mean? You wouldn’t want the silver you’re wearing to just fall apart or slip out of your hands as you try to put it on. Since 99.9% pure silver is very difficult to maintain in a solid state, silver must be mixed with other metals such as copper in order to provide it some strength. The percentage of pure silver in sterling silver jewellery is 92.5% and the other 7.5% is usually composed of other metals, copper alloy being one of them. One of the ways to figure out if what you are wearing is really made of sterling silver, and not just some shiny silver-like metal, is by locating the tiny 925 or 92.5 stamp on any part of the silver jewellery piece, usually found on the back or somewhere small enough to stamp this important 3-numbered character onto to distinguish it from fake silver. However, some of our items have no visible 925 or 92.5 on them due to the fragility of their design. Usually the stamp on the accompanying chain would support its authenticity, however, as our items are sold separately, some of them might not have the identifying stamp on them. This will be mentioned in the item's description, please consider this information when making the purchase. You can read more on the topic here.


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